January 29, 2023

Toto Sydney – Warren Ham, Lenny Castro, and Joseph Williams



The Toto Sydney concert is a definite must-see event for fans of world-class music. Warren Ham’s versatility was on display as he seamlessly jumped from backing vocals to flute, sax, and harmonica. Similarly, Lenny Castro’s energy and enthusiasm shone through, notably joining in on a hilarious call-and-response vocal with Joseph Williams. Lastly, no Toto concert would be complete without a stop in Africa.

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Warren Ham

For a rock concert that has been on my list for a long time, I decided to go to Sydney to see Warren Ham, Toto and the Rhythm Section. The concert was incredible! We walked away from the show with our minds blown. Not only were the songs awesome, but the band was just as great live. Here’s a look at what the concert was like. The band is one of the best from back in the day, and if you’ve never seen them live, you should definitely go.

The band started in Kansas, and in 1978, they were recruited by Kerry Livgren, and Ham joined as their lead singer. He sang on their first three albums and on the second album. His later solo career was centered around rock. The band’s most popular album, “Rebel Rebellion,” was a global hit and sold over 30 million copies. The group’s second album, “Toto Sydney”, reached number one on the charts in seven countries.

Warren Ham’s versatility is reflected in his many contributions to the band. His skills as a multi-instrumentalist lent him a unique style of blending instruments and vocals. He played saxophone, flute, and harmonica and seamlessly switched between instruments. Lenny Castro proved to be a fun addition to the band, joining in on a call-and-response vocal with Joseph Williams. And, of course, no Toto show is complete without an African number.

Toto’s lineup has been filled with members from the Ringo Starr and Huey Lewis & The News bands. In addition to Williams, who had been the lead singer in Toto for many years, the lineup has expanded to include bassist John Pierce, drummer Robert Searight and keyboardist Steve Maggiora. And if you were wondering if this new line up would work for Toto, it certainly does!

Lenny Castro

A live concert featuring Lenny Castro and Toto Sydney is something that is sure to be unforgettable. The former is a veteran of many genres of music, including rock and blues, and is regarded as a musical genius. His credits include countless film soundtracks and numerous commercial jingles, including those for Burger King and Toyota. Castro is currently pursuing his own solo project. In addition to his work as a producer, Castro is also currently touring with Toto. The band is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, and his work on the album will be a major milestone.

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Lenny Castro is a percussionist who was born in New York City. He was raised listening to a variety of genres, including jazz and classical music. As a child, Lenny played bongos in the street and was given his first pair of congas at age five. Castro was influenced by music other than Latin, and started playing jazz and classical music while still in high school.

Dominique “Xavier” Taplin

There were no shortage of high points at the Toto Sydney concert, with fans singing along to “Hold the Line” and “Rosanna.” Despite the age of the band, it proved that they’re still among the world’s greatest musicians. David Paich stepped aside to let Toto’s Dominique “Xavier” Taplin take over on keyboards, and the show was as lively as ever.