January 24, 2023

Tips to Learn English Quickly and from Home

Learn English Quickly and from Home
Would you like to learn English now? Do you want to prepare in advance for your study trip for certification or diploma? Discover the best tips to learn English from home.

7 Tips to Learn English and from Home

Learning English is always a good idea. Although it is not the same as immersion in an English-speaking place, there are very effective tricks to learning English from home.
Either because your study trip abroad is coming up and you want to prepare yourself, or because you need the least level of English to study what you want, or because you want to learn English.
Learning English from home is possible.
Let’s follow our 7 tips to learn English from home.
  1. Movies, Music, and Books in English
Enjoying while you learn is essential, and doing it by watching series, movies, listening to your favorite music, or reading books, all in English, will be of enormous help.
It is a very didactic material in which you will also discover many things while you learn English, so do not stop doing these activities .
2. Organize the Topics
Organize the order of the topics you will study, and do it. Start with essential issues, establishing different learning groups, such as verbs, nouns, set phrases, etc.
Must that you make outlines and write a lot at the beginning. For example, you can list English verbs and their types, starting with the most important ones, and then write their conjugations.
3. Do Everything in English.
I am not saying that you go to buy bread and speak English to the shopkeeper or that you speak English to your grandfather.
But, you can try to propose to anyone in your environment that from that moment they speak in English, the phone calls will be in English, or the WhatsApp messages if what you want is to practice writing.
Also, take advantage and configure the language of all your electronic devices in English, so you will get used to the language as something every day without realizing it.
4. May the Dictionary or the App Always be with you.
You will find an unknown word whenever you read a text, watch a movie or listen to a song. Pause what you are doing and look it up in your English dictionary, pocket, or virtual.
In this way, you will enrich your vocabulary, and you will find in each search new interesting words that connect you with the previous ones; in this way, you will make sense of the phrase that you did not understand before.
It is a very organic and exciting way to learn vocabulary, which you should not miss.
5. From the Particular to the General
The best way to feel that you are progressing and that what you learn is helpful is to start by learning vocabulary and expressions that you can use daily.
For example, learn vocabulary for everyday actions at home, essential communication with others, vocabulary from the area in which you study or work, in that hobby that you like so much…
Thus, little by little, English will become part of your life, and each time, you will be able to expand more vocabulary and expressions in different areas.
6. Take an Online English Course.
Without a doubt, the most effective point. If for whatever reason, you cannot travel abroad to learn English, it is best to take an online English course.
  • More and more English schools offer online English courses and programs, so if you have the opportunity,
  • Do not hesitate to take advantage of them because it is the fastest way you will learn,
  • By having a tutor and a program designed to learn English.
 7. Have Goals
A final piece of advice that applies to everything in life and learning English from home: 
set goals and meet them. Decide a time, a study place, and that nothing interrupts you. Set goals and give yourself self-rewards every time you reach the goals set.