January 30, 2023

The First Step Of A Migrant With A Child In Greece

Child In Greece

Child In Greece

Many families who move with children often don’t know what to do when it comes to child custody.

What Points Should You Focus On First?

1. Financial Independent

You must first understand what type of visa you will be providing for the child. If the family is traveling on a Gold Visa or the Financial Independent Person Program (or other family-type visas), the child automatically receives a residence permit.

If you are a student you will not get a child visa, you will need to apply for another visa.

In general, children living in the country illegally are not persecuted in Greece: they can go to school, kindergarten, and hospital. But of course, there are consequences.

Ideally, the child should also have a residence permit.

2.  Residence Permit

Regardless of the residence permit (or without), the child lives in Greece, you need to create an insurance number – AMKAA. This is compulsory insurance by law, which costs around 120 euros per year.

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With this insurance number, the child receives all ambulance services free of charge.

But if finances allow, the child must take private insurance. This will allow you to access a wide range of services free of charge, including private clinics. The cost of the said insurance is around 50 to 80 euros per month.

3.  School Registration

If the child is of school age (this is 5 years for English school and 6 years for others), he should be enrolled in school.

  1. In Greece, there are not only public and private schools, but also French, German, American, and English schools.

School registration takes place from March to May, but the sooner you register your child, the better (don’t wait until May).

4. A Child Of Any Age Needs To Find A Pediatrician

it will become a very important part of his life. Even enrolling a child in school or buying primary nasal drops requires a pediatrician, and does not include counseling, treatment, written testimonials, and sick leave.

We provide our clients with contacts of Urdu-speaking pediatricians as well as specialist doctors.

5.  kindergarten

If you are moving with a kindergarten-age child, he or she must be registered with the kindergarten. In Greece, there are public and private nurseries whose visits are compulsory from the age of four. Apart from the presence of gardens in universities, very convenient for students and all private schools.

Public kindergartens have long queues and are difficult to access. Also, in such kindergartens, both parents must work.

Private gardens cost 250 euros per month.

6.  Urdu-Speaking

Babysitters or tutors may be needed if you decide to keep the child at home or improve his skills. We also select Urdu-speaking experts for our clients and advise you to start your search as soon as possible.

7. Special Places For Children

Every region in Greece has “special places for children” – the most fart. It is like a children’s cafe with various slides and swings, where there are separate tables for parents and playgrounds where children play. They organize parties, and various events for children, and you can even leave the child for a while.

The cost in these places is quite moderate: 2-4 euros per child, usually all children’s parties are held there. Parents should choose the most suitable option for their children – there are pods designed for toddlers and the elderly.

Of course, when walking with children, many unexpected events arise (they often get sick, fall behind, quarrels at school, etc.), which should be resolved quickly and effectively. It is difficult for parents who have just moved and don’t speak the language quickly to find their way around, so we offer our support to families with children.

Many parents with children have moved to our company, we have already developed an algorithm of actions in any situation, collected a database of necessary specialist contacts, know the required documents, etc.

So contact us and we will help you to make adapting to Greece with a baby as easy as possible!

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