October 3, 2022

The Fastest Electric Scooters in the World in 2022


The most efficient way to travel short distances is now electric scooters, which are gradually displacing other modes of transportation. Compared to practically any other kind of powered transportation, they are more lightweight, portable, convenient, and environmentally being. The fun factor is certainly undeniable.

Scooters appear hip thanks to the Rion RE90

Scooters may not  your idea of cool, but the rion re90 is such an intense performer that it  probably convince you otherwise. The RE90 is even referred to  Rion, a LA-based manufacturer of high-performance electric scooters, as the “World’s Fastest Hyper Production Scooter,” a designation that not many people can claim or likely even knew existed. But why does it move so quickly? Let’s look more closely.

A little bit of power and a lot of carbon fibre

To begin with, the RE90 is less heavy than competitors like the Dualtron X. The Rion RE90 outperforms the competition  weighing in at roughly 59 pounds, while the majority of electric scooters can weigh 60 pounds or more. That might not seem like much, but bear in mind that the object in question is not a vehicle at all, but rather a platform on wheels with just a handlebar for support.

The carbon fibre pole and handlebar, sub-aluminum front and rear arms, carbon fibre body and front fender, and front and back arms all contribute to the bike’s lower weight. Similar to autos, a lightweight chassis can make the difference between a scooter  a “quick scooter” and a “hyper scooter,” but that’s only one factor.

How quick is the Rion RE90 then?

Have you seen the popular rental Bird scooters that people use to get about town? These have a top speed of about 19 mph, although many other quick scooters can reach 40 mph. The Rion RE90, on the other hand, has a top speed of more than 100 mph, but regrettably, it is limited to only 80 mph. Given that you’re on a scooter with nothing in between you and anything else you might run into while riding this thing, that is incredibly fast. Here is a video where a YouTuber races it against a Bird scooter if you need a better frame of reference.

Not for the weak of heart, especially considering the cost

The Rion RE90 is an intense performer, as you might expect, and should probably only  ridden while wearing the appropriate safety equipment. On a scooter, reaching speeds of up to 80 mph or even 50 mph is no joke, and one mistake may potentially  catastrophic. If those performance stats don’t make your heart race, perhaps the RE90’s pricing as well

If it helps, each RE90 is handcrafted and takes about 90 days to make before shipping to you. We don’t know what more to say if that isn’t a true testimonial to quality that is appropriately matched with overall performance. A Bugatti, maybe?


Few ardent motorheads consider purchasing an electric scooter because they believe it to  a waste of money to buy such a useless item. The recent market introduction of Rion Scooters, however, has altered the standard. Even the most respected motorheads of today the advise you to get this wonderful electric go-ped and enjoy a safe and enjoyable ride. Why so? What makes this scooter so unique? What am I missing, exactly? If you have any of these queries, this page is the best place to spend some time reading.

One of the greatest carbon fibre electric scooters available, Rion Scooter is unmatched in terms of performance. Rion Scooter has made a ground-breaking entry into the market for electric vehicles, outfitted with cutting-edge technology and top-notch design components. Due to this scooter’s unrivalled performance and reputation. who purchase this limited-time e-scooter are guaranteed to have a ride like no other.

Gal Hagoel, the company’s founder, came up with the astonishing invention of the scooter with the intention of shattering clichés associated with the genre. This e-scooter is the perfect ride you must have imagined, with a hydraulic Shimano brake system, an aluminium subframe, and a carbon fibre monocoque.

Rion Scooter Features  

A US firm called Rion Motors designs and produces electric scooters. Since the company began operating in 2014, there are now a number of Rion Scooters available on the market. If you’re unsure of which model we’re talking about today, know that Rion Motors has introduced a number of e-scooters to the market, all of which differ solely in their feature sets. Each Rion scooter has the same basic frame construction. We’ll thus combine all the models in the feature area and list the top features of Rion scooters as follows.


Rion scooters are undoubtedly overpowered. In most cases, they have more power than the user can use. The Rion scooter has enough power to push you to your limits, regardless of the speed you desire. Rion has concentrated on the power element and equipped the vehicle with a strong motor and battery because it primarily offers its e-scooter as a racing scooter.

The Rion Family sells electric scooters with motors rated at 12,000 or even 19,000 watts. You shouldn’t choose Rion Scooter for your first ride if you’ve never attempted riding an electric scooter with a motor. For a beginner rider, controlling this much motor power won’t  simple. However, there is always the option to get a 5000W model and test your luck with brisk driving while wearing a safety cover.


You depend on the brakes for safety when riding a vehicle with a lethal mix of strong motor and light body. Yes, Rion recognises your worry and offers a top-notch braking system. Shimano XT M8000 Disk Brakes are installed on both wheels of the Rion scooter. Thanks to Rion scooters’ 4-piston hydraulically controlled braking system, you can stop your racing scooter quickly and easily.


Comfort is always the key consideration for buyers. The scooter Rion is  known for having an unstable suspension system. But without suspension, this scooter is really too comfy to ride—as long as you know how to choose the ideal route.

We must  clear that an electric scooter designed for racing has no purpose for a seat for individuals who judge comfort  the presence of a seat. Therefore, in the first place, that is not a criterion to examine.


Let talk about the issue that is  ignored. Rion Scoter’s suspension has consistently drawn criticism from experts. Although it is often accept that a fast scooter needs a strong suspension. Rion does not appear to subscribe to this idea. The manufacturer contends that stiffer suspension actually makes it more difficult to control the scooter when travelling at high speeds. The weped fs have a rigid rear suspension, but there is none at the front wheel.

Design and aesthetic value

Yes, we  address it because it is a crucial part of the evaluation process. The Rion Scooters are amazing. They appear to  quite contemporary and futuristic in design. This scooter’s style is reminiscent of the “Dualtron Ultra” and “Dualtron Thunder” beasts from the House of Dualtron.

This scooter elegance is attributed to its use of carbon fibre. Following that, the following are some essential facts concerning carbon fibre.

Although a ground-breaking material, carbon fibre also has some drawbacks. There are a few things you should bear in mind when buying anything made of carbon fibre.


The conclusion of the narrative is that Rion is the most portable e-scooter on the market. This scooter weighs only 18 kgs and is lightweight enough to  folded up and transported anywhere. Just unfold it and ride it to your destination once you find the right road.


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