March 22, 2023

Clinicient EMR – Insight, Keet, InSync and Integrations With Third-Party Systems

Clinicient Insight EMR

Clinicient Insight EMR

Insight, Keet, InSync and Integrations with third-party systems are the most essential features of the Clinicient EMR. The system’s intuitive tools help practices automate operations-related processes and streamline the revenue cycle. Clinicient Insight reduces administrative time by up to two-thirds while helping practices follow industry best practices. With its intuitive tool set, it helps practices focus on providing better patient care. Plus, the software offers expert business coaching for practice owners and enables practices to improve revenue cycle processes.


Clinicient Insight Go software is a web-based, intelligent EMR designed for outpatient rehabilitation practices. Its multiple features, including billing and patient registration, save time by streamlining operations. Insight also integrates with other hospital systems. The company offers a free trial version of Insight, and customers are encouraged to evaluate it before making a purchasing decision. Below are some advantages of Clinicient EMR Insight:

Clinicient’s EMR Insight software makes it easy for therapists to create detailed documentation for patients. It is fully compliant with Medicare regulations and easy to customize. It was designed specifically for Outpatient Rehabilitation practices and features aimed at PTs’ workflow and documentation needs. Its web-based software enables therapists to share notes and records with other practitioners, allowing them to complete their work even when away from the office.


Integrating Clinicient EMR with Keet is simple. First, you will need to set up the integration. Enter the External ID and Clinicient database ID of your practice. Once these are in place, you can click “Enable Integration” on the Integration Wizard. Keet will then match the ID with an Organization. Once the integration is enabled, the Practitioner’s Episode of Care will be assigned to the treating therapist or supervising provider.

The two companies are complementary. Keet provides patient engagement solutions including secure messaging, digital health plans, and care coordination. Keet also streamlines clinic/patient communication and provides metrics for clinic awareness. Clinicient and Keet will work together to bring patients a truly connected experience. Keet will provide secure messaging on a tablet device. Clinicient EMR Keet will continue to support all applications integrated with Keet.


If you are looking for an electronic medical record (EMR) system, you should consider InSync Clinicient EMR or Clinicient. Both EMR systems are enterprise-grade software that will simplify your care delivery and increase business performance. You can choose from a full suite of rehab therapy software, including EMR for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and more. Both EMRs are designed with the guidelines and regulations of Medicare physical therapy billing in mind.

EMR systems often come with decision-support systems that guide practitioners in their treatment decisions. They also feature integrated decision-making tools that will assist them in keeping detailed records. This software can help medical practices reduce office expenses and error-prone patient charts. This system can be expensive, so it is recommended that you evaluate it carefully before deciding on which one to purchase. InSync Clinicient EMR is available in many configurations, including standalone and hosted.

Integrations with third-party systems

A clinic’s EMR solution must be flexible enough to integrate with other systems. EMR integration is the process of connecting different software applications to exchange data. This allows the flow of clinical data between these systems and facilitates communication and coordination. Clinics generate enormous amounts of data, much of which is useless or difficult to interpret when kept in separate silos. Integrations can facilitate the use of data from multiple sources to improve patient care, increase revenue, and provide practice insights. EMR integrations are also an important part of clinical workflow, allowing clinics to take advantage of services like enhanced billing and payment, video conferencing, department-specific features, and more.

Integrations with third-party systems are a major feature of Clinicient Insight. The system allows medical practices to automate the process of billing and compliance by tightly coupling clinical documentation with charge capture. Claims will always be supported by the corresponding documentation. Clinicient Insight costs $50 per user per month.

Learning curve

If you’re considering switching from another EMR solution, you may want to know how to use the Clinicient EMR. It’s a good choice for smaller practices and can be a great way to improve patient care and increase revenue. There is no formal training for this software. Clinicient provides email and telephone technical support, but does not provide pricing information. Its user reviews are generally positive, however, and indicate that its platform is easy to use and intuitive.

During our trial of the new system, we impressed with the simplicity of the interface. We could easily schedule appointments, and patients can fax notes directly from the EMR. Even if we are not in the office, we can use the online platform to do our administrative tasks. However, the online platform does not compare to the desktop application. We also pleasantly surprised by the onsite support staff. It was very helpful during our transition from an old EMR system to the new one.


Whether you’re just starting your business or want a comprehensive therapy EMR system, Clinicient can help you succeed. The company’s comprehensive solution has features that streamline every aspect of the outpatient therapy process, including workflow tools, automated processes, and payer intelligence. With almost a billion insurance claims processed and millions of patient records stored, Clinicient’s platform has helped businesses of all sizes increase their reimbursements and reduce their turnaround time. Moreover, the platform allows users to easily monitor practice performance and understand the impact of each decision they make.

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The cost of Clinicient’s Total Insight solution varies depending on the number of users and the number of visits that the medical practice uses each month. Depending on the suite of tools, Clinicient prices range from $59 per user, per month to $1,399 for a whole team. Clinicient’s billing software and EMR solutions are included in Total Insight, which costs an extra $50 per month.