January 24, 2023

Tiktok Apk Download for Android 2022

Tiktok Apk

Tiktok Apk

TikTok for Android

“TikTok” know as “Musically” is one of the most popular and best video editing Android application. If you want to download the latest 2022 update of TikTok APK then click on the given link.

We all dream to be an actor once in a life but few of us get the platform but worry not now everybody can showcase their acting talent with the amazing platform provided by- TikTok application. This application is supported by iOS as well as Android. TikTok has become one of the most used applications. Now you do not need to be on television or in movies to show your acting skills. Download the TikTok application now and act on your favourite dialogues and music. You can also see videos of your favourite TikTok creator and follow them.

If you are thinking that there will fewer features in TikTok Pro Apk than that of official TikTok then you are wrong. This application is a complete clone of TikTok that is the official one. It has all those features which one can get in official one.

So the features you will find in this application will same as that of the official one. But still, we have mentioned the top features for the users who haven’t used TikTok since so far.

Therefore, you can use all the features of this app. But you can’t change to root theme of the TikTok ipa app. Without any problems, you can do and get the amazing features of this application. The popularity of this app is among fans. It is a dark side app. If you went to use this app on your phone. Then you can use it, it is safe and secure to install on your android. Once you use this TikTok 18 Pulse then you feel this is a wonderful app.

Tiktok Apk
Tiktok Apk

Record Video

Record your video by selecting any background sound. You cannot only record but will edit the videos at the same time.

Video Editing

Edit prerecord videos with many filters and transitions. You add background sound while editing too.

Save Sounds

Save sounds of the videos no matter which length. If you like the background sound of anyone’s video you can save that sound to later make videos on that sound.


Apply filters in videos and pictures. You can merge pictures to make new videos merge pictures with videos too.


Add emoji to the videos and pictures. You can add current time and location in emoji along with living animated emojis.


Share your videos with followers you have on your account. Or save that video privately if you do not want to share it with the public.

Save Videos

If you like the video of any content creator out there on TikTok you can save their videos directly into a gallery and can share that video with your friends via WhatsApp, Messenger, and any other social media application.


Get like and followers as many you can by uploading quality content in your profile to get more fame. Although you will not earn anything from getting followers it will let you notice by brands that will surely contact you to sell their product.


Ok, you might be thinking about how this application help does help users to use TikTok again although it is banned in their country.

There are a few points to be noted regarding the installation of TikTok Pro. You will need 2 more applications along with this that is the virtual space and any VPN mobile application.

Open virtual space application and VPN and TikTok Pro to this application. Virtual space applications will make the clone of these two applications and now open the TikTok Pro with VPN.

Actually what will happen there is that VPN will change your current location and will make your link with the server by showing the fake IP and location. In this way, you will easily access TikTok again.


This is one of the top-rated applications and has the most active users right now throughout the world. So this doesn’t need any more verdict about its features and popularity.


Q: How to unban TikTok?

In the banned situation, you can install Tiktok 18 + Apk Pro instead of the official TikTok and later open this application using VPN. This will let you enjoy all features and tools of TikTok official.

Q: How can we install the Tiktok Pro application?

Click on the mentioned link above it will directly install your application. But make sure to install any VPN along with this application too.