October 3, 2022

How To Pack Your TV Safely During Residential Moving


Some objects are fragile and may break if they are not properly protected during the move. The TV is one of these objects that we need to pay closer attention to.

With the advent of plasma technology, it has become more thin and fragile. These are some helpful tips for packing this expensive product and protecting it during the move.

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How to protect your TV?

The original packaging is a good first tip for protecting your TV. These materials may still be available if the TV is brand new. It is still a good idea to add protective elements such as layers of polystyrene and corrugated cardboard. Television manufacturers take care to deliver these products with special care.

You will need a polystyrene sheet at least 3-4cm thick to cover the sides and back of your TV if you don’t have the original packaging. You will need to repair the corners with cardboard pieces cut to size.

The screen must then be covered with bubble wrap. To prevent the TV from being damaged or lost, it must be placed inside a cardboard container of sufficient size to completely cover it.

The procedure for a cathode-ray tube television is similar. The TV must be wrapped in bubble wrap and polystyrene and cut to size. It is recommended to store the product in a wooden container. This is more durable and safer than a cardboard box.


How to pack and what to do during a move

Every object moving requires special care in packing and transportation. We have seen that the television requires special protection. This is in addition to meticulous care when choosing the materials and how they are placed. Other delicate objects also require the same care.

Fragile products are most susceptible to breaking in transit. Objects such as ornaments, plates, glasses, and tableware require very specific packaging.

To ensure that these items don’t move around in the containers, it is best to use containers of sufficient size. Bubble wrap must be placed on the bottom of each container. Individually packaged plates must be placed vertically to fill the entire volume of the box.


What’s bubble wrap?

Everybody has at least once in their lives squeezed the air bubbles from the packaging coatings. This is the Bubble Wrap. It’s a sheet of polyethylene that protects the product from scratches and bumps as well as from external agents like ‘humidity.

Bubble wrap can be used to adapt to various packaging needs. It comes in many shapes and weights. To make it work at its best, you must determine the intended activity. In fact, each need will require a different type of bubble wrap.

It is essential to use exterior protection with a resistant bubble wrap, such as the medium-resistant one or a heavy wrap. The latter provides maximum protection, is waterproof, and can be stored for long periods of time as the bubbles in the air last longer than the others.

For internal protection, the best option is to use light or cheap bubble wrap. These two types of bubble wrap will allow for easy, safe filling, especially for fragile items. The large bubble wrapping will protect the contents even better. It absorbs shocks and provides additional protection.


Why bubble wrap is good for moving?

It is important to use bubble wrap for a move because it offers the best protection in every situation. Bubble wrap protects furniture and boxes from being damaged during van transport.

A bubble wrap sheet with kraft paper reinforced is recommended for removals. This will allow you to transport bulky or difficult-to-pack items such as tables and clothes closets.

Bubble wrap can be used to protect sensitive materials from adverse weather conditions. Bubble wrap is waterproof and has an insulation principle that protects against humidity. This allows the movie to be done in any weather conditions without being delayed by rain or other meteorological factors.


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