September 27, 2022

Play, Earn And Have Fun With The Finest Play-To-Earn NFT Games

Gaming NFT

Gaming NFT

NFT games gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The pandemic led to a boom in the number of people who took to gaming. Many countries even consider gaming a full-time profession. Users’ initial enthusiasm for JPEG NFTs has led to a desire to see more of their tokens in the market. By giving these NFTs some utility and making them more dynamic, NFTs have added more value to gaming. 

 It will be cricket if you ask about one sport that makes you cry and laugh simultaneously. Cricket has one of the largest fandoms across the globe. There’s no other sport that thrives on its fan so much. While the NFT space in cricket is in its nascent stage, fans can expect more innovations in the future. You can add to your cricket memorabilia from cricket cards to signed bats and balls through NFTs. By seeing the speed at which cricket NFTs is catching fire among cricket fans, many veteran players like Rishab Pant, Virender Sehwag, and Zaheer Khan are some of the cricketers who have boarded the NFT train. 

The Rise Of P2E Games 

The play-to-earn gaming model gained widespread popularity. P2E NFT is a blockchain-based game that rewards players with digital assets like NFTs, Crypto, etc. Players can win these awards by playing through many levels and by winning contests. P2E games are decentralized. This means that both the developer and the players control the game. Each game works differently. Some games are free of cost. Games like Axie Infinity require you to purchase some assets before entering the game. 

The Next Big Thing In NFT Games

NFTs will let players use digital assets in Web3 or Metaverse. Let’s look at some games you should look out for in the future. 

Battle of Guardians

  • As the name suggests, BOG is a fighting game in which players participate in Muyi-realm battles in the virtual world. 
  • Of course, we all play to win the game. In BOG, the player has to beat the opponents and receive prizes.
  •  The player needs in-game money to play this blockchain game. 
  • The BOG currencies are $BGS and $FP. 
  • This Science fiction game has long-term development potential using Metaverse. 
  • The outstanding Visuals make the experience more fun and worthwhile. 
  • The game also has a wide range of real-life revenue-generating NFTs that stand out from the rest.

  • Guardian Link launched this global gaming NFT marketplace
  • It is the top marketplace to buy the world’s first P2E cricket NFTs. 
  • This marketplace is a boon for cricket fans because they deal exclusively with cricket NFTs.
  • The marketplace is also set to launch its world’s first play-to-earn NFT cricket game, ‘Meta Cricket League.’ 


  • Rainmaker is an educational and social platform that brings together cryptocurrency and stock market fans to one forum where they can compete against each other in various blockchain-based games. In other words, it is a cryptocurrency and stock fantasy game. 
  • The fantasy trading game enables the users to learn how to make money in stock and crypto markets through playing the game. Isn’t that interesting. 
  • Rainmaker uses real-time data, i.e., data from real-time stocks and cryptocurrency occurrences, assessments, etc., thus making them a pioneer in the fantasy trading market. 


  • The race is a full NFT automotive racing ecosystem. In this game, people can compete or own parts of the game. The verifiably owned NFTs make up the whole of the game’s playable content. 
  • RacefI’s Metaverse may gain blockchain games and money using multiple ranked games or in-game property. 
  • Every quarter of the game, the best players on the leaderboard will get a bonus. 
  • Players can improve their vehicles with combat-add-on to qualify for battle mode, and matches will consist of eight racers max. 


  • This multiplayer survival simulation game allows users to buy and sell in-game items, establish territories, form communities, and mine currency and minerals.
  • Player vs. Player(PVP), PVE- (Hunting and exploration), and Farming are three basic zones in the game’s open world. 
  • The all-in-one server enables the consumer to use many devices to sign up and remain online simultaneously. 


The games mentioned above are some of the finest NFT games. NFT game players are looking forward to more such games in the future. Hopefully, wider genres will make the gaming and earning experience more intriguing and fulfilling. 

The play and earn gaming model will help players win and have fun. This mode of gaming might even take over traditional gaming. What are you waiting for? Start playing and start earning!


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