September 25, 2022

Tips to Avoid Loss of Water Pressure in The Shower 

Tips to avoid loss of water pressure in the shower

Wondering what causes low water pressure in the shower? Please continue reading to learn various reasons for declining water pressure and tips to avoid it. 

It is pleasant to take a bath where the water is pumping out rapidly. At the end, who wants to take a slow-paced shower in which the water doesn’t seem to come out? Losing pressure in your shower is one of the most frustrating things. It is possible that your bathroom plumbing will have problems if the problem turns out to be serious.

It might be inconvenient when your shower loses water pressure. Having a short disruption in water pressure because of flushed toilets isn’t as bad as having a chronic water pressure issue that makes it more difficult to rinse soap and shampoo off. There are various solutions to this problem, but the best one will depend on what triggered the issue in the first place.

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  • Issues with pressure balancing valve

Some showers have pressure-balancing valves that let you regulate the water flow and temperature with a single handle. Because of these valves, you are more likely to incur pressure losses while using other fixtures. This can be seen, for instance, when flushing the toilet lowers the shower’s water pressure and temperature.

At a certain pressure, pressure-balancing valves combine cold and hot water. The toilet tank refills by diverting some cold water when you flush it. As a result, the cold water line decreases. After then, the valve will need to compensate for the pressure drop, which could take a few seconds. As a result, the valve may not be receiving the proper volume of cold water, which might cause the water to heat up. The valve lowers the water pressure overall by adjusting the pressure in the hot water line.

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  • Diverter valve issue 

A lot of people have bathtubs and shower sets. A diverter valve is most likely used if your appliance is a combined unit. This knob directs water from your bathtub’s faucet to the showerhead. These valves may begin to malfunction with time, which will lower the showerhead’s water pressure.

Your diverter valve is probably the issue if you have strong water pressure at the bathtub faucet but weak pressure at the showerhead. Experts from Eco Pro Plumbing can identify and fix this problem by changing the diverter valve.

  • Broken or obstructed pipes 

It’s critical to resolve the issue immediately if a broken pipe is causing your water pressure to decline. Water leaks from damaged or clogged pipes can badly harm your home. Turn off your water supply and contact ECO PRO Plumbing & Drains for emergency service if you discover water stains or drips or hear water running while it is not turned on.

  • Problems with water pressure reduction valve 

If there are issues with water pressure at every faucet in the house, the source of the problem is around. Near the point where the main water lines enter some houses, some valves reduce the water pressure. Your entire home may experience low water pressure if this valve is improperly adjusted, malfunctions, or breaks. 

  • A clog in the showerhead

A blocked showerhead is among the easiest water pressure issues to resolve. Unscrew your shower head from the wall and inspect it. Use an old toothbrush to remove the debris from the nozzles after soaking it in a cleanser. Mineral deposits may be present in your pipes if hard water issues exist in your area. Your water pressure will decrease over time as a result of mineral deposits. You may steer clear of this problem by implementing a water softening system. There will eventually come a time when you will need to replace or clean your pipes professionally.

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