November 29, 2022

Free Methods to Convert EML Files into MSG Files

How to Convert Emails from EML to MSG file

Outlook lets users send and receive email as well as manage calendars, contacts and activities. Outlook mostly works using the files in the PST format. It also allows saving emails to MSG format. MSG is like EML in that both formats can store one email message in each file that contains attachments, as well as the information about the sender and recipient.

A brief overview of EML along with MSG File

EML files can be described as a common format that is widely used by email clients. It’s similar to a text document. It is possible to play EML files using the text editors of any type. This lets you transform an .txt file to an .eml extension file, in the event that your email client doesn’t directly export emails to .eml.

MSG files is a different format that is utilized by Microsoft to save individual messages in emails and appointments, tasks, meetings contacts, etc. and other data that is not part of Outlook. MSG formats are supported by all Outlook versions.

Why do we need to Convert EML files to MSG format

Many users require the conversion of EML files to MSG format. There may be a variety of reasons for this, but some of them include:

  • If an EML file is added to the Outlook folders, a brand new message is created when the file is placed in the form of an attachment. If you import an MSG file within Outlook the normal replica of the MSG message will be created within the folder.
  • EML files take up more room over MSG file, and this could cause problems when saving the files to cloud storage.
  • Outlook isn’t compatible using EML files. MSG files are simple to open and work with MS Outlook.
  • You can easily search through different message fields within Windows Explorer, drag and drop MSG messages straight into Outlook folders, and then open large messages.
  • Mails sent in MSG format could have other Outlook fields. Some of these fields could display within Windows Explorer columns and can be searched to find their contents.
  • Outlook does not work well when it comes to massive EML messages. EML file takes a lengthy period of time to load in Outlook and sometimes gives an error. Large-sized MSG messages do not display this kind of issue.

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Methods to Convert EML into MSG files

There are three ways to save EML files in MSG formats. There are also automated offline and online tools that will convert EML files into MSG format fast, without the need to install Outlook as well as Outlook Express.

  1. Manual method for using Outlook

    1. First , transfer your EML file into Outlook.
    2. EML files will remain within the draft.
    3. Move it into Inbox. You can move it to Inbox folder by right-clicking on the file, and then click the Move button To Inbox.
    4. Once you have that, you can go to File and then choose the Save as option from the drop-down list.
    5. Find the folder in which you would like to store the Outlook file.
    6. Save the file with .msg extension.
    7. Visit the address and look for the file.

In addition to EML conversion of files into MSG format conversion, you can convert it back to MSG format, and vice versa. You can change the Outlook data files into other formats, including VCF and PDF, without putting effort on your end using a third-party utility, Outlook File Converter. Thus, your files will be easily accessible with no any software.

  1. Using Outlook Import Wizard

    1. Start by opening first with the Outlook Import Wizard utility.
    2. Input the full directory path to where the .eml files are located , or click the Browse button and then point towards the source directory.
    3. After that, click to go on the next option.
    4. The program scans the specific directories as well as all sub-folders. Search for the entire .eml, .msg files and list them in the list of files where you can select certain items.
    5. Click on next button.
    6. At this point, you can set up filters and options in case you require.
    7. After that, click next option.
    8. Click on the Convert EML as well as MSG files option to activate it.
    9. A message with the information will appear to the user on screen.
    10. This option allows conversion mode.
    11. Do not turn off this option in case you wish to import email messages. Click OK to end the process.
    12. Select the format in which you wish to convert your source emails and then press the Start button.

Outlook Import Wizard will convert selected .eml files to save as .msg files that have the identical name. The each Outlook .msg files will be stored in the same directory as the source .eml file is located. It is possible to browse to the source folder, to transfer .msg files to a different location by using the normal Microsoft Windows functions.

  1. Utilize EML to MSG converter tool: There are numerous online converter tools for online use However, everyone wants the most secure, reliable and speedy converter that isn’t difficult to use and time-consuming. With this online EML Converter tool, you can also convert EML files to many other email formats.


Making the conversion from EML into MSG is a must for the majority of Outlook users. They need fast access to their data. There are several manual ways to accomplish this task. Another option, such as an external file converter that is able to transform EML file to MSG with no limitations is accessible. Check out the top most efficient EML to PST Migration tool.