September 27, 2022

The Best IT Help Desk Best Practices

IT Help

Before diving into the top IT help desk best practices or consulting an IT Consulting Firms New York, it’s vital to grasp the distinction between a help desk and a service desk.

A help desk is typically used for ticket and application support. For instance, they are skilled in resolving issues with Microsoft products like Windows and Office. A help desk can also assist with issues like printing options. They, therefore, take a more simplistic approach and mainly deal with break-fix problems.

IT Help

Conversely, a service desk can help with extra consulting and other services like strategic IT management. They could ask anything, including queries about projects, processes, strategy, or the support of linked applications.

Therefore, comparing help desks and service desks is like comparing a tier one service to a tier three service. From an MSP perspective, help desks are a tier one service because they only assist you with the fundamentals, such as Windows and standard Microsoft programs. Service desks are all-inclusive, umbrella-tier teams that can handle any issue.

What are the essential best practices for the help desk?

A high-performing help desk that goes above and beyond expectations and makes everyone’s life simpler is essential for providing outstanding customer service.

You must be conscious of your existing methods and those used by your rivals if you want to advance. Some of the top help desk best practices that expanding firms should adhere to are listed below:

Principal Duties of an IT Help Desk

There are a few crucial duties for IT help desks. Which are:

1. Reduce the turnaround time for support tickets

The goal of communication with the IT help desk is to swiftly address issues and return customers, clients, resources, and personnel to work. Achieving an NPS score of 5/5 and resolving issues in 30 minutes or less is a critical KPI for MSPs.

2. Maintain an effective workforce

Your workers will have more uptime and be happier and more productive if you rapidly fix your IT problems.

What are the best practices for the IT help desk?

The primary duties of a help desk can be accomplished in a few different ways.

Portals that put a priority on customer service and friendliness by making it simple to submit issue requests

Routing tickets automatically reduces tedious work and automates sending sure tickets to specific support professionals.

Create templates for checklists for the most regular tickets and issues: Your techs won’t overlook essential procedures thanks to a prerequisite checklist in your PSA tool or CRM. You can’t close the access with these checklists until they are all finished. This can lower reopening tickets by as much as 50%.

You must include a ticket with as much information as possible to avoid further inquiries.

Comprehensive knowledge base: A knowledge base collects valuable information and documents. They can aid in the reduction of tickets by encouraging people to resolve their problems and establishing processes.

As an extension of your customer support platform, use your helpdesk staff: When a helpdesk issue arises, technicians should always attempt to learn more about the client and record that information in their PSA record.

Future Steps

Businesses don’t typically have a lot of programs, devices, or other IT assets that need care when they start. However, as they expand, so do the scope and complexity of IT.

Consequently, creating an IT help desk that can accommodate those expanding needs requires a significant investment of time and resources. It would be best if you eventually stopped letting IT determine the path of your budget and your leadership’s priorities.

Working with a managed IT services provider is the answer to your demand for a method of acquiring IT infrastructure without having to create it yourself (MSP). A fully functional IT help desk with a successful track record is currently available from an MSP. Additionally, you will receive the best practices we discussed above right out of the box without worrying about payroll or training issues.

With more than 30 years of experience, RisingMax offers world-class IT help desks to expanding and established companies. Our ITIL-compliant processes and HDI-certified teams offer quicker ticket resolution times, more excellent resolution rates, and higher user/customer satisfaction rates of 97 percent. To begin, get in touch with us.

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