September 25, 2022

10 Ways to Fly Business Class at a Lower Price

The experience of “business class” varies from one airline to the next. Business class on smaller airlines may be limited to two inches more legroom and a meal. Business class is available on larger carriers and competes with first-class service, which offers luxurious experiences for a higher price.

You can be elderly, disabled, or have very young children by moving up to the front and becoming the first.

You can still have a business-class experience even if you fly economy. All you need is imagination and planning. There is little to no difference in a poorly-planned business-class experience and one that is well-planned on an economy flight. If you are elderly, physically disabled or have small children, step to the front of the line and get on the first. If you’re flying economy, you can still position yourself to have a business-class-like experience with a little imagination and planning. In these days of no-frills travel, there is often little difference between a lackluster business-class seat and a well-planned economy experience on a less than fully booked flight.

Etihad Airways Business Class Flights
Etihad Airways Business Class Flights

Hack #1 (Business class 101)

Check out the facilities at the airports where you will be traveling. Many airports have “business class” lounges that you can use to relax, do some work, or have a snack. Ask your airline whether they have any promotions for pay-per-visit in their lounge. This is a popular trend that aims to increase revenue and expose economy-class flyers. If you want to fly with Etihad Airways Business Class Flights, you can easily book your tickets from Business Flights Expert at the cheapest price.

Hack #2

Upgrade to the new sections of business and economy. These seats offer both business and economy class benefits at a lower price than regular business. Ask your airline customer service or your travel agent if you are unable to upgrade. Comfort is the difference between flying on an empty seat and traveling on a full-booked flight. You can try Turkish Airlines Business Class Flights.

Hack #3

Order vegetarian meals in advance. These meals are usually served first and often contain healthier, fresher fare. You can bring a portable entertainment system such as a tablet loaded with movies instead of the work that you don’t have time to do in flight.

Hack #4

Prepare your own kit of amenities. Make sure to bring eye shades, travel socks and mints. Also, a plastic bag with a small (3-oz.) bottle of toothpaste. A mini toothbrush, three ounces toothpaste, and luxurious moisturizer. There’s not much you will be missing. You will find the same basic items in many business-class kits.

Hack #5

Take a seat at the front of the plane. You will be the last to board (more time for food and phone calls) and the last to leave. This is a great place to be in the event of shaky connection times.

Hack #6

Make use of pre-boarding. Pre-boarding is available for those who are older, disabled, or with small children.

Hack #7

Be extremely, very kind to your flight attendant. Polite, friendly passengers receive better service. If you feel ignored or treated poorly, ask for the purser to address your concerns at the top of food chain.

Hack #8

Don’t assume that you will get enough food in economy class. For the long gaps between meals, bring your own snacks such as packaged smoked almonds. Be aware that not all airlines offer full breakfasts on transatlantic flights. Even business class, the breakfasts are often very limited. You will only get a small muffin or yogurt in economy class. If you are hungry, you can bring your own snacks. Visit to know more DS Magazines

Hack #9

You need to find a human to check-in with and not a machine. Then ask for an exit-row or bulk-head seat. Although you may not be able to get one, you will have significant legroom. Ask for a row with an empty side seat if none are available. Double-check your position at the gate after checking in to ensure that nothing has gone wrong. This happens more often than people think.

Hack #10 (BONUS Business Class Tip)

Don’t use your laptop as a personal entertainment device. Many business travelers are becoming more aware of the limitations on baggage and potential thefts, and choosing to use memory sticks over bulky laptops. Instead of doing all the work that you don’t have time to do in flight, bring a small portable entertainment system with movies. Relax, enjoy and relax while you watch the movie.


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