September 27, 2022

The YouTube TV app has Stopped working on xfinity


After finding YouTube TV as an alternative to paying for a regular TV subscription, you’ll undoubtedly like having access to a wide range of live TV and all the other streaming alternatives. However, there are situations when YouTube TV doesn’t operate as well as it should. There’s also the problem that you can no longer contact a cable technician for help; rather, you have to figure it out on your own. Keeping this in mind, here are seven simple fixes for any  TV issues.


The YouTube TV app has to be restarted to work again.

A simple restart of the  TV app is typically enough to solve problems caused by the software itself. That will get rid of the bad data that is creating the issue. Close an app on Android or iOS by following these instructions. Close and restart  TV on your smart TV or streaming player, such as an Xfinity, if you’re having trouble with it. The procedures you need to follow will depend on your specific device.

If you’re having trouble seeing  TV using your computer’s web browser, try closing and reopening the browser and returning to the  TV page. If you have more than one browser installed on your computer, you may try switching to a different one.


Check to check if YouTube TV is unavailable.

The majority of the time, the YouTube TV service is up and running. However, no online service is flawless, and there are going to be some downtimes from time to time. If  TV isn’t working for you, it’s simple to figure out what’s wrong. You may check the status of YouTube TV’s network at Downdetector in just a few clicks, or run a browser search for “is YouTube TV down on xfinity.”

Restart your computer or other electronic device.

Restarting the device you’re attempting to use to access  TV can be a smart option if you’ve come this far and are still unsure what’s causing the issue. A common piece of troubleshooting advice is “turn it off and then back on.” Here’s how to reset an iPhone if you need a reminder. 

By dragging the control centre from the top of the screen and selecting the power icon, you can switch off many Android devices just by pressing and holding their power button for a few seconds at a time. Take a two-minute break from using your smart TV or other streaming media device, and then plug it back in.

Update the app if necessary.


Using an older version of the YouTube TV app might also be causing issues. Your out-of-date app may be interfering with your device’s operating system, or it may just be too old to function correctly with  TV, which is updated on a regular basis by Google. A good rule of thumb is to allow automatic updates, however if you need to update YouTube TV, here is how to do it on an iPhone or an Android phone:


Check to see whether YouTube TV has the appropriate access rights.

YouTube TV is no exception to the rule when it comes to app permissions. In order for  TV to operate correctly, you must allow location permissions on your phone.


Removing use the Settings app on an iOS device, and then choose Privacy. Swipe the Location Services icon to the right to confirm that it is enabled. Tap Location Services again. Then, in the app list below, pick YouTube TV and make sure the While Using the App option is chosen.

It’s time to check your internet speed.


The speed of your WiFi may be the cause of any problems or poor video quality you’re seeing. Fortunately, this is simple to verify. Check your internet speed on the device that’s having you difficulties with YouTube TV. It should be at least 7Mbps for HD video and 25Mbps for 4K video to be shown successfully. YouTube TV allows you to adjust the quality of the video to better fit your internet connection.

Trying to connect too many devices might be a problem.

Finally, keep in mind that you may only use three devices at a time with YouTube TV. Only three devices may be streamed at a time when using the YouTube TV app. Make sure that no other members of your family or friends are broadcasting at the same time as you are if you are unable to begin streaming. After that you need to also check your xfinity router lights, if its blink orange then its try to connect with the internet . 


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