November 29, 2022

Eligibility & Application Process to Apply for a Gold Loan in India

gold loan

Gold loan is a safe type of mortgage in which a gold object or things serve as collateral or security. Because of its limit availability, people prefer it only when absolutely necessary. Despite the availability of many funding and financing options today, the expense of a gold mortgage cannot be emphasise. A gold loan is an excellent way to address an urgent financial necessity. Its extra characteristics as a Credit Health Tonic, since putting your gold in a safe and obtaining a low-interest mortgage allow you to improve your online CIBIL score history. There are various variables to consider while using any type of mortgage.

As a consequence, it’s constantly a good idea to double-check and keep such items in mind, as they’ll have an effect on your total credit score quality. This might make it difficult in the future to obtain credit. Just as you would verify the gold price in India before getting pure gold, you must confirm your CIBILscore before applying for a gold mortgage to determine your eligibility.

Application Process of Gold Loan

A gold mortgage, like any other type of mortgage, can be apply for online or offline. Although most customers prefer to follow the physical method, lenders are now offering gold loan options online as well. Simply go to the lender’s reputable website or conduct an online search and fill out the required information. The following information is required to complete the application process:

  • Borrower’s Full Name 
  • Email Address 
  • Phone Number 
  • Pincode

When you publish the shape, a specialist will contact you. Your utility may be processed further after the verification of your gold and personal information.


Calculation of Loan Amount

Only once the gold has been fully licenced by the mortgage issuer and the utility form has been properly completed can the gold agreement be signed. The mortgage is discharged as soon as the gold is introduced to the lender. Following the completion of all documentation, the mortgage distribution is quite quick. This is the quickest way to obtain a mortgage. This is owing to the fact that all loans take at least an afternoon to pay off. Online payments are accepted by practically all creditors. The repayment mechanism for an online gold mortgage is straightforward.

Use of Collateral

Furthermore, the kind of collateral determines the amount of the gold mortgage. The maximum mortgage amount available for a gold object is determine by its weight and current market price on the time and date of utility. Other factors consider include the type of gold, the borrower’s ability to repay, and the credit score. To keep track of your credit score rating on a regular basis, you must need a CIBIL score login. Furthermore, cash and bars surpass jewellery in terms of cost, providing up to 80% of the cost of gold after evaluation.A gold mortgage is not only the easiest extra available, but it also has a higher mortgage-to-cost ratio with this feature.

To gain access to the price table and the entire web payment system. It is critical to enter your login ID and password from your online utility. Cash, EMI, test, and DD are all valid payment methods. The mortgage will be distribute only when the gold has been completely verify. If the gold object is unlikely to be counterfeit or stolen, or if any banknotes are missing. Or that office employment isn’t always real, the chances of rejection rise. Otherwise, rejection is unlikely because the loan is entirely dependent on gold first-rate and KYC verification.

Eligibility Criteria

The mortgage is available to everyone who possesses gold jewellery. It is, nevertheless, easy to be above the age of 18. You can receive the mortgage if you bring any gold jewellery to the branch (withinside the karat variety of 18K to 24K). The cost of gold jewellery may also fluctuate in response to changes within the Indian gold rate. Documents you’ll need for a Mortgage Application- Because it is a safe mortgage on a gold item, no proof of earnings is require. As a result, the following key KYC documents are required:

  • ID Proof (driver’s licence/PAN Card/Form 60/61/Passport Copy/Voter ID Card/Aadhaar Card/Ration Card)
  • two passport-size pictures
  • Address proof, such as a driver’s licence/voter ID card/ration card/Aadhaar card/passport copy/register lease settlement with software payments made within three months of the landlord’s request.