November 29, 2022

12 Signs That Your Home’s Wiring Is Failing

Electrical Services in Dubai

Electrical Services in Dubai

Each year, an estimated 51,000 electrical fires occur in the Dubai alone. They pose a significant risk to your family and your budget, costing up to $1.3 billion and causing over 500 deaths yearly. You must be vigilant about your electrical systems and wiring. However, it can be difficult to detect warning indicators if you are not an Electrical Services in Dubai.

Don’t worry. Electrical Services in Dubai here to assist you! Continue reading for the top ten symptoms that your home’s wiring is failing.

Electrical fires are odorless, invisible, and deadly.

The faulty electrical wire begins to overheat, initially doing nothing more than smoking. It can take up to a year before it catches fire. There are no warning indicators that an electrical fire is going to start. Thus it can happen at any time. It’s also one of the most difficult fires to put out once it’s started.

It’s one of the most dangerous types of fire on any property, and it has the potential to completely consume your home. If you’re lucky enough to get your family out, it could destroy your entire house and everything inside.

Myths About Electrical Wiring Safety

Let’s start with some safety myths before we get into what you should look for in your home’s wiring. This can help you understand what you’re up against and how to properly safeguard your home.

Fuses and circuit breakers

Circuit breakers and fuses safeguard the electrical circuit and wiring. They do not protect the circuit or any of the outlets or appliances to which they are connected.

It’s easy to make mistakes here; even some electricians were unaware of the exact function of breakers and fuses. If a high enough current is there to cause harm, the fuse or breaker detects it. The circuit is then opened to direct it.

However, excessive currents will damage the wiring insulation and cause it to overheat. This endangers the appliances connected to the circuit. Flammable items near the wiring can occasionally catch fire and ignite.

Instead of using breakers and fuses, ensure that you have the correct size wire for the item. You should also ensure that appliances have separate circuits to reduce strain. It would be best if you never overload your electrical outlets.

Extension Cords Are Safe To Use

Most individuals are aware that several extension cord capacities and ratings exist. However, relatively few people pay attention to those capacities and ratings. It is common for their cords to be incompatible with their appliances.


Extension cords are commonly used for the following purposes:


  • Computer powering
  • HVAC and air conditioning units are operational.
  • Providing power to space heaters

The load that will be passed through your extension cord must be able to withstand it. It must be capable of powering that specific device (and the number too). If not, it will heat up, jeopardizing the circuit’s safety. It increases your chances of overheating and triggering an electrical fire.

Running extension cords beneath rugs and furniture is a dangerous habit. This will trap the heat instead of allowing it to escape. Overloading extension cords is another bad practice. Alternatively, connect another cord to the original one.

Older homes require electrical upgrades

When new homes are erected, certain building codes must be followed. The wiring must be installed and inspected by a licensed, professional Electrical Services in Dubai. This is one method of ensuring a safe electrical system in your home.

The wiring in a 1900s home should not be deemed safe. Because technology advances so quickly, most homes no longer retain their original wiring. From computers to HVAC to microwaves, even a toaster may require the installation of an electrician.

The use of aluminum wiring was a major issue in the 1970s. We’ll go over it in greater depth in the following section, but it expands and shrinks as it heats and cools. Connections become loose, posing a significant risk of electrical fires.

Warning Signs That Your Home’s Wiring Is About to Fail

You now understand what an electrical fire is and have dispelled several wiring fallacies. Now, let’s look at the top symptoms of your home’s difficult electrical wiring.

You have an excessive number of extension cords

It’s not just because the wiring is unsightly hidden behind your home’s walls. As previously stated, a good electrical system can last indefinitely if left alone. Trouble might arise when it is tampered with and disturb.

By employing extension cords, you are increasing the number of sites where cords can:

  • Kink
  • Get snatch
  • Shorten the sentence

This can damage the outlets, trip the breaker, or possibly start a fire. If you must use extension cables, don’t overdo it. Please don’t use them always, either; only use them when necessary. If you’re running out of outlets, your best bet is to call an electrician and have them install more.