October 3, 2022

Minimalistic bedroom design ideas that can match any wooden double bed

wooden double bed

wooden double bed

No bedroom is complete without a bed. The bed is actually the focal point in any bedroom. Along with the wooden double bed, there are many other things that complete the look of the bedroom. What do you think is a minimalistic interior bedroom design?

You must be thinking that a minimalistic bedroom is all about having just two or three things in the bedroom. But it goes beyond this. It moves around having sober shades, a refined palette, small iterations, and clean lines. In case you have too many furniture pieces in your bedroom, there are chances that you can go wrong with the bedroom interiors.

Here are some of the designs that will help you keep your room minimalistic and practical. Also, don’t forget that a minimalistic design style doesn’t affect the aesthetic value of the room.

  1. Abstract painting

If you wish to add character to your room, you can add abstract paintings to any plain wall in the room. this simple element can help you transform your room instantly.

You can keep the artwork in the centre of the room which will help you tie up the whole room together. For added charm, you can keep a lamp shade next to your wooden double bed, get the walls painted in shades of grey, and go for a round rug on the floor. Here, you will feel that with minimal effort you can keep the style on point.

  1. Subtle tones

Instead of going for white walls and then adding a lot of clutter to the room, it is a better idea to go for subtle tones. You can go for the refined earthy palette and add a few decorative elements. If you wish to create a perfect harmony of shades, you can go for the rustic-themed rug, lights on the walls, some wall art, and sober-toned walls. Subtle tones can take in any kind of wooden furniture.

  1. Don’t underrate the power of grey shade

Grey walls are the most underrated in any bedroom. This shade brings about nothing but sophistication. In case you feel that grey tone will make your room look dull, then there are ways to avoid that. If you wish to make grey a part of your bedroom walls, you can team them up with bright curtains and plants.

This will help you create a contrast in the room. You can even add some prints on the bed to enliven the room. The grey walls also look great with a wooden bed and wooden flooring. Some people feel that grey can add a European touch to the décor style of your room.

  1. Storage is a great idea

You will hardly come across someone who says he doesn’t want storage space in his house. For the majority of homeowners, the more the storage space, the better it is. You can add extra storage by adding an extensive wardrobe, a portable shelf, a bed with storage drawers, or even a cabinet.

In case you wish to create a study in your bedroom because you don’t have enough space in the house, you can add a wooden office chair along with a small laptop table in this setup. The bottom half of the available space in the room can be converted into a study. You can also use contrasting shades and give your room an elegant appeal.

  1. Headboard

You can also go for a statement headboard for your wooden bed. It not only adds a minimalistic vibe to your bedroom but looks chic. There are many gorgeous options of headboards available which can give your room a sleek look. You can even pair an extended headboard with similar toned beds.

You can add two lamps by the bedside and a rug on the floor to bring everything together. The tone of the headboard can match the tone of the rug so that the symmetry of the room doesn’t break.

To Sum It Up

Since your bedroom has your heart, you cannot compromise with its décor style. You might fall under the category of people who don’t like to go overboard with the décor style of your room. So, going for minimalistic interior designs for the bedroom is the best.

You can create a little heaven in your room even with a minimalistic bedroom design. You can first pick up the wooden double bed and then decide the entire theme of the room depending upon the style of your bed. The rugs, lamp shades, plants, headboard, etc.

All can be picked and placed according to the bed style that you chose. Also, don’t forget that the tone of the walls also has a huge role in deciding the look and style of your bedroom.

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